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Wheaton Chiropractor Dr. Adam Tilson and family

Dr. Adam Tilson and family

“Let me be blunt…”

Visiting the doctor was a very cold and impersonal experience, and frankly, I was getting sick and tired of that attitude with something as crucial as my physical health. A typical visit was like this: wait for an hour in the waiting room, move to a treatment room and wait some more, then finally get a visit from the doctor. Often times he or she would not even look up at me, as they continued to write in their files, just occasionally nod. Two minutes of their time, and a prescription later, and my visit was over.

I don’t like making rash generalizations like that, and I know there are some very good medical doctors out there, but for the overwhelming majority of the time, that was my experience with health care…until I went to the chiropractor.

Chiropractic was Different

My first visit started out like a visit to any new doctor…I had some paperwork to fill out. But something was different. There weren’t tons of people sitting around waiting in the reception area. People would come in and go right back into a room. Then they would come back out after a short while. There was lots of smiling, and the people didn’t look sickly. Many of them looked like they were in peak health and had a noticeable spring to their step. Then it was my turn to see the doctor. He actually made eye contact with me…and he smiled. He asked me questions, not just where-is-your-pain-type questions, but how-is-this-really-affecting-my-life-type questions. He then did an examination, he took some x-rays, and after all that, he did some gentle treatment.

I was seeing him for neck pain. I was unable to turn my head to the left more than a few degrees without having sharp pain at the base of my neck. I couldn’t check my blind spot when driving. Even after the first visit, my range of motion for turning my head almost doubled. That’s really incredible. I continued to see him and was amazed at how much better I felt and functioned. I like how he treated the source of my pain, and didn’t just try to mask it with a pain killer.

A Chiropractic Education

I was so impressed with my chiropractor; with his health, his skills, and his knowledge of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems, I decided to go back to school and get my doctor of chiropractic degree. I attended the National University of Health Sciences, and following my graduation, I continued on with post-graduate study in advanced clinical practice. Here I received even more training in the areas of neurology, orthopedics, nutrition, radiology, pediatrics, geriatrics, and men’s and women’s health.

Practicing for many years now, I’ve worked with all categories of patients, from elite athletes to weekend warriors, and from small infants to the elderly. I realize that everybody benefits from chiropractic care. It allows us to function optimally and live life fully.

On a Personal Note…

When I’m not busy at practice, I’m busy raising a family. With two young boys and another on the way, my wife Laura and I are never at a loss for things to do. We like to stay active as a family, and the boys keep us on our toes. And the chiropractic care does not stop at the office. All the members of the Tilson household get regular chiropractic adjustments. Do the kids like the adjustments? Most of the time, they just giggle and laugh, and when they’re done, they try to tackle me. On the whole, we are a happy and healthy family, and so grateful for the role chiropractic plays in our lives. It really doesn’t get much better than that.

Enough About Me!

How can I help you or someone you know? Please give our Wheaton chiropractic office a call and arrange a time when we can talk about your concerns and get you on the road to better health!

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